The Villages Miata MX5 Club

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The Villages Miata/MX5 Club is a social organization recognized by 'The Villages', FL.  

Club By-laws

The club plans bi-monthly trips or outings for events/lunch/dinner/tours/overnights/anything else of interest,
and a chance to caravan with like minded folks who are always looking for a reason to drive!

You must be a full time or seasonal owner to join the club.
Dues for the year are $12.00 per person.  $24.00 for driver and navigator.
Dues run from January to January.

If you join in September thru December dues are pro-rated for this year and the next.
One dollar additional for each month.
Sep $16 - Oct $15 - Nov $14 - Dec $13 per person. 

All members must sign a Villages waiver on joining the club


PAYABLE TO TVMMX5 CAR CLUB.  Bring to our Jan. meeting or mail to:
   Sarah Jordan, Treasurer
     1853 Yankee Clipper Run
 The Villages, FL 32162


Jan. 4, 2017  Stetson Mansion Tour - Deland, FL
     Contact Sarah Jordan at 352-633-2577 for more info

Jan. 11, 2017  Lunch at 12 noon at the Essex Seafood Restaurant - Pierson, FL
 Contact Albina Grignon at for more info

   Jan. 20, 2017  Karting fun - Bushnell FL                       
Contact George Nagle at 352-561-4970 for more info

Jan. 22, 2017  Free harp concert at 3 PM at the Hope Lutheran Church,
 250 Avenida Los Angelos, 
The Villages, FL (RT 466 and Morse Blvd.)
Contact Susan Krysiak at for more info

Jan. 23, 2017  Club's monthly meeting - 3 PM (This start time is just for Jan.)
at the Bacall Rec. Center on Canal St.            
 Bring an entree to share for a pot luck supper after the meeting.
                        Contact Janie Mewhinney (MEWHINNE@ YAHOO.COM) if you are bringing food in a crock pot.

The Villages Miata/MX5 100K Club


4th Monday of the Month - 3:00 PM Key Largo Rm Bacall Rec. Ctr.

- Club sign in and 50/50 sales

- Start meeting / welcome new members

- Secretary to read minutes from previous meeting

- Officers reports ie: Treasurer / Trip Planning coordinator etc ( business affairs )

- Web Section Places of interest


Trips by month will be discussed and hopefully finalized

Open Discussions

50/50 raffle drawing

Thanks to everyone for their support their ideas 

and help to develop THE VILLAGES MIATA MX5 CLUB

Thanks to David Kelch, one of our Miata members,
a hearing loop will be installed at Bacall for our Miata meetings.

The hearing loop system has its own microphone, so the person talking has to use two mics - one for the hearing loop and one for the regular pa system in the room.
(If we want to use a loop regularly in the future, they can set up a more permanent system that won't require two mics.)

People with hearing aids need to set their hearing aids to the "T-coil", "Telephone" or "T" position. On my hearing aids, it's a push-button.

If a person's hearing aids don't have a T-coil, headsets will be available so they can take advantage of the loop system.
(Most current hearing aids have T-coils built-in so they just need to be activated by the audiologist.)

Thanks again, David, for setting this up for us!

The club is looking for drive/trips for next year.
          The Event co-ordinators will send out details as the events are booked  

          The club will only continue to be viable if folks are willing to organize, plan outings.

Any issues or corrections email Webmaster.
Other information, events, directions, etc. should be sent to George and or Marty.